Will the Hairs Extracted From the Donor Re-grow?

Nowadays, Hair Transplant surgery does not need an introduction because it is very popular among the hair loss patients. The baldness is an almost incurable problem after the hairs are gone forever. In this case, the surgeons are confident enough to bring the hair back with the help of Hair Transplant. This is the main reasons for the popularity of the treatment. Many hair loss patients still want to know about the hair transplant in Mumbai because they do not have a clear knowledge of the procedure. Generally, they are worried about the results of the surgery and are not sure about the stability of the donor hair. The information given below is valuable for such patients.

What is a Donor Area?

According to the hair loss experts, the baldness problem is a progressive disease that follows a certain pattern. As the first signs, the patients may observe a regularly receding hairline. Then, the hair starts to fall from the temples areas and finally, the crown area is also affected. At this stage, a thin layer of hair is observed on the back and sides of the head and this region is called the donor area.

This is called the donor site since the Hair Transplant experts borrow the hairs from this region and transplant them to the bald scalp.

How Does the Hair Extracted From the Donor Area?

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) are the two techniques that are used to remove the hair from the donor site. While the surgeon applies FUT, they remove a strip of tissue and if they choose FUE, they remove follicular units one by one directly from the scalp. In both of the cases, scarring is possible but it is less noticeable when the surgeon chooses FUE.  

The Hair at the New Location

Hair loss experts say that the hairs situated on the donor area are specific genes that make these hairs stable and baldness resistant. Thus, these hair do not leave their traits after they are transplanted to the new location. This is the reason, this surgery generates awesome results with a high level of success rate. thousands of the patients have observed that the results provided by authentic clinics are completely natural and the surgery is often free of any risks.

We Need a Qualified Surgeon

Hair transplant surgery is based on a completely scientific research and the patients have a great chance of achieving great results if they choose a genuinely qualified surgeon. In fact, the success of the procedure is dependent on the capabilities and skills of the surgeon. It is certain that if the doctor is well-trained, the transplanted hair is safe at every stage of the surgery.

Finally, the donor area is one of the most important factors for the success of the procedure. Transplanted hairs are going to grow with full speed and strength if the surgeon is capable enough to handle the steps of the procedure. Thus, just do not think about the success of cost of hair transplant in Mumbai and try to visit Nutrite Hair Transplant once. This clinic provides affordable hair loss treatments with the help of advanced facilities and techniques and at the end, the patients leave the clinic with a satisfied face. Thus, if you make a call, you can be the next one.