What Exactly Is HextraCoin?

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    Hextracoin has been found to be a scam, a pyramid scheme in particular, by those of the cryptocurrency community. While many   people are aware of this obvious scam, some people are still falling for the “too good to be true” promises made by   HextraCoin.   So how does Hextracoin lure people in? They promise that you will earn interest daily by lending and trading. They claim you   can earn .30 percent interest everyday just by holding an account with them. That is, after you pay 10,000 USD. They even   claim to pay you 48 percent ROI each month.   The only way to truly earn money through Hextracoin Tutorial is to refer people to their website, thus referring them to fall for the   pyramid scheme themselves, by paying the membership fee.   No true business takes place on Hextracoin. They do not sell or buy services or goods, they do not mine for cryptocurrency,   they do not use any advance technology to aid or change the cryptocurrency industry. They do not do anything at all really.   Yet they still promise to pay out 48 percent ROI each month. For doing nothing at all.   Think about it. If anyone is offering to pay you anything to just sit around doing literally nothing, obviously they are a   scam. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.   In the sections to follow, you will see exactly why HextraCoin has been deemed a scam. Even if it is apparent to most people.     HEXTRA COIN LENDING   Lending is to invest by your own Hextra Coins to get the return on a daily basis from the Management of HextraCoin. The   highest return per month is 48% of your investment. Hextracoin Tutorial provides investment options for you to get the full benefit as   per your investment ability. In case you would like to invest more than $1,010 , HextraCoin will guarantee your return per  day based on your investment as the additional benefit,excluding your daily return.