Transform Your Physique with Online Personal Training from Celebrity Trainer

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Maintaining a fit body is not an easy task unless you have a committed personal trainer who helps you in this aspect. But hiring a personal trainer is surely a very expensive option for many who compromise visiting their local gyms. But this need not be the case anymore as you can now contact the celebrity trainer, Rudy Mawer offers online personal training to his clients across the globe to achieve best results even through his online guide that is constantly updated with the latest information to help clients achieve their desired fitness goals. As Rudy Mawer is also a qualified sports nutritionist it doubles the benefits of training under him as he can suggest you the best diet to be followed to maximize results from his training programs. There are different programs offered by him online like the 20 weeks 50LB mass building, 90 day bikini transformation challenge and also tailored physique plan that you can choose from the celebrity trainer. More than 500 clients that include Hollywood celebrities, NBA players, Elite athletes and Pro Teams have trained under his guidance, to build their body mass and fitness levels which is now available to everyone through the online personal training guide being offered by this professional fitness trainer.

The celebrity trainer follows a scientific method in the training programs that helps one to lose fat and add muscle at the same time that enhances performance of the person. The trainer with his masters in physical exercise and science in involved in daily research and continued professional development, test trying different methods to help his clients develop great physique and health with everlasting results. He also comes up with customized diet specific to the body type, training plan, lifestyle, fitness goals and personal preference that plays a major role in achieving the results within the desired time. The sports nutritionist designs an advanced diet plan for pre, during and post the workouts that allows to develop muscle and strength while dropping fat quickly.

The online guide comes with a detailed plan for every week and one can also contact the trainer online in case they have anything specific to bring to the notice of the trainer. Moreover, the online personal training guide also comes with a 100% money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the results of completing the program. The training guide is self sustaining answering all your queries and above that you can contact the trainer through mail or facebook for any personal advice.

Being an athlete is hard work. Not only you need to take care of your body and mind both physically and mentally. Rudymawer can take care of your nutrition intake and maintenance of your body in peak condition. For more details,Sports Nutritionist please visit us online.