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BMA's new high tech timber project... — Bennett Murada

Timber Architect - LVL (laminated veneer lumber) is an engineered timber product most widely used internally, in traditionally framed domestic construction. More imformetion Visits Us - Bennettmurada.com.au



Our architecture is about simple things executed beautifully. While our buildings may look different to each other, they all embody the same principles of sensual experience, sustainability, honesty of materials, construction credibility and distinction.

We are positive, responsive, and easy to work with. We gauge success by consistently developing successful ongoing relationships with those involved in our projects. We understand that an important part of our role is leading, motivating and igniting a sense of ownership across the design team. Experience has taught us that best results are achieved when all stakeholder contexts are aligned, communication is open and clear, expert input is integrated accurately, and mutual respect is won.

There is no room for ego at BMA. Our design process is genuinely collaborative, with Project Directors engaging with our broadly skilled and experienced team of 25 staff to deliver richly diverse and unique projects every time.

We also actively promote working in a collaborative environment with our clients, authorities, consultants, builders, suppliers and other team members to arrive at a refined, efficient and beautiful result.

We value not only innovative and inspirational design at a project's inception, but rigour, clarity and accuracy during our design development, documentation, tender and construction processes.

We are skilled in the art of balancing aspirations and pragmatics, and consider cost, programme and buildability integral to the design development process. We test our design decisions against these parameters regularly and actively promote the same within the design team.

We are successfully engaged in a broad range of project types and scales, including houses, urban housing, commercial and industrial projects, and resort hospitality.

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Wesbeam, a WA based manufacturer of LVL engineered structural timber products, recently approached BMA with a dream brief to design an addition to their head office facility at their plant in Neerabup, near Perth WA.

LVL (laminated veneer lumber) is an engineered timber product most widely used internally, in traditionally framed domestic construction. But, being aware of the rapidly evolving prominence of timber as the smart and sustainable material of choice in Australian and international architecture, Wesbeam saw us the opportunity to test and challenge the way LVL is perceived and used in commercial scale contemporary Australian buildings on this project.

Timber Architect :

Our proposal is sited adjacent to the existing entry to the Timber Architect Wesbeam facility, and encloses a new landscaped court containing an existing boab tree.  A shady new entry verandah connects new and old, with scope for future enclosure as a reception point.

Thanks to some inspirational engineering collaboration with Wesbeam, the new workspace above this is dramatically supported on cable tensioned LVL beams spanning up to 9m, and cantilevering over 4m.

A Skeleton of LVL portals frame the upper level space at close centres, carrying solid timber and glazed infill panels, and LVL floor, ceiling and roof panels enclose the space.

A palette of reclaimed and new flooring, charred timber wall cladding, and oiled Jarrah battens characterise the facade.

We are currently working closely with Wesbeam to refine and test connection details and the structural performance of the design, with a view to seeking approval and production later this year.

More information:  http://www.bennettmurada.com.au/news/2017/8/29/bmas-new-timber-project