Tamil magazines and their presence in the internet

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Online Magazines

With the advances made in computer and internet, online magazines began to occupy the space which was previously held by the tradition print media. More and more people began to read the magazines over the internet using the devices such as smart phones, computers and tablet phones. It was easy for the people to read the online versions as they don’t need to ensure to buy the print version every time from the shop. Also those who live away from India can now read their favorite magazines online. Online Magazines Tamil began to get more presence once the Unicode font system has been invented and began to be used by lot of people. Prior to that people had to download the font used by the website in order to read that in their device. It was a bottle neck for both the magazines as well as readers.

Presence of Tamil Magazines online

 Tamil Magazines  began to grow in numbers after 2006. Initially there were magazines which were hosted by enthusiasts who loved writing stories, poems and other contents. They used the free domains offers or other websites which offered free hosting services to host the online magazines Tamil. Later the traditional print media magazines began to understand the growth potential it offered and used that to tap the unchartered areas which helped them increase their subscriber base. Apart from offering a new avenue for growth of traditional print media, online magazine also offers a growth for the novice writers whose articles or stories may not find space in print media since those who send articles to print media are huge in numbers

Turn of this decade saw large number on online only magazines coming up in Tamil. These are all primarily run by the people who are not interested in monetary benefits. They saw it new opportunity to introduce new writers. Also with more and more people becoming tech savvy, people began to use online magazines Tamil as avenue to take their ideas to peoples easily.  Both online and traditional print media have been of helpful to those who have the passion for reading.