Simple Bathroom Upgrades

So, you want to do a few minor upgrades do your bathroom, but nothing too much.  Just something simple, maybe just one or two things and you want to spend as little as you can.  Okay, here are a few suggestions.  Just one of these upgrades will make a big difference.  

Add Some Fixtures

Brass and Gold tapware is making a come back.  Not so much the shiny tones, but the warm, matted tones.  Placing this tapware in your shower or on your sink will add warmth and coziness.

Float a Vanity and/or a Shelf

A floating vanity opens up the room, adds a touch of sophistication, and also gives you more storage.  

Heat Things Up

Why not literally add some warmth with a heated towel rack, heated toilet seat, or heated bidet?  You might not see the difference visually, but you’ll feel the difference and it will be so nice and luxurious.  It’ll be like you converted your bathroom into a home spa, and that’s the big thing these days.

Change the Lighting

A simple swap of light fixtures can change the entire atmosphere entirely.  If you’re into bling, you could add sparkle with a glass chandelier, if that’s something you’d think you’d like.

Replace the Mirror Cabinet

Install a long, mirrored cabinet.  You’ll add more storage and the mirror will make your bathroom look larger.  Double mirrors provide an really cool infinity effect.  

Replace the Vanity Top

Yes, change only the top of your vanity.  Marble is a great choice.  It’s unique, stunning, and adds instant luxury.

Change the Showerhead

Changing the showerhead both looks good and is functional.  Plus, they  look rather interesting.  They come in a variety of colors and styles, and, well, they’re fantastic.  You can choose a rain shower head and feel rejuvenated every time you shower.  Or, select a hand-held and give yourself a daily massage.

Install a Self-Closing Tap

This is also a good-looking, functional upgrade.  You’ve no doubt seen them commercially.  Installing self-closing taps and sustainable taps in the home conserves water and saves money.  They’re great for the disabled and also help lessen the spread of germs as those with dirty hands never touch any faucets.

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