Rising Dampness – Causes and Easy Preventive Measures

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Buildings are by default exposed to the perils of nature. Scorching heat, wind, rain and storm; every season damages the building structure in one way or the other. While the heat and the sun can vane off the paints, making the building appear dull and dreary, the rains and humid climates can raise the level of dampness.

The presence of unwanted moisture in the structure of a building is known as structural dampness. As the level of moisture rises in the walls, telltale signs like chipping paints, yellowish or brownish stains at the bottom of the walls, rotting of skirting boards and flooring and slowly but surely the foul odor of damp surroundings begin to set in.

Causes of rising dampness:

The problem is undoubtedly caused by the accumulation of water. This buildup of moisture can either be the result of the intrusion of water from outside or condensation from within the structure itself. Given the porous structure of the bricks and mortar, groundwater also rises up through walls, floors and masonry via the characteristic capillary action, fueling the problem of rising dampness.

Treatment of rising dampness:

While having a perfect Damp Proof Course, an impermeable plastic/stainless membrane placed along a mortar line near the ground, is the most worthy method to prevent the rising of underground water up the wall, it has to be placed before the building’s construction work starts.

For 4-5 years old buildings that face these problems, here are a few time-tested methods to combat the problem of rising dampness.

  • Water repellent chemicals– Creams, gels or pastes with water repellent qualities can be injected in all types of walls.
  • Pore blocking salt mixture– A cement based mortar mixture can also be injected. But it is only possible on stone walls.
  • Osmotic water repellence– Conducted via embedded wires, it is perfect for professional use and long term results.

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