Reasons Your Family will Love Your New Boat

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Family Boat For Sale

Planning on buying the best family boat?

In most parts of the UAE, it’s quite common to see small yacht owners from the middle class portion of the population. The starting cost of buying a boat in the country is probably not as much as you think, especially in Abu Dhabi, where there are no restrictions on 24-hour boat occupancy.

For those who live in the vicinity of a body of water, you may be well aware of the opportunities it offers. Buying a boat may be a big step but it’s a worthwhile investment. Plus, your family will surely love it, especially if it’s Silvercraft.

Reasons to Love Family Fishing Boats

1.    Quality fun for the whole family is enough reason to own a boat. There’s something to look forward to during the holidays or vacations. Go cruising, sport fishing, eat what you catch, and even bring a pet along.

2.    Boating is appropriate for all ages. As you sail the waves, you can help family members leave their stress behind, whether it’s schoolwork for the kids or letting the wife relax. Water activities will cleanse you emotionally.

3.    It is the perfect time to bond with your loved ones. Cruising creates an atmosphere that brings people together and you can share fond memories to last a lifetime. So go and teach your kids some fishing tricks.

4.    Boating is also great way to socialize and meet new people and other families like you. Take your boat out on community events like dinner cruises, weekend cruising meet-ups with your local marinas, and yacht clubs.

5.    More than anything, cruising is good for the health. You’re about to breathe in fresh air and get many opportunities to stay physically active. It definitely keeps you off the couch, and your mind off work matters.


Family Boats for Sale

Gulf Craft, the leading boat builders in UAE, have created the brand Silvercraft to cater to seafarers who love sports fishing. They offer a family of centre console fishing boats, and multifunctional cruisers for sport fishing enthusiasts worldwide.

These boats combine advanced hull designs and superior performance. It lets you take the largest swells with ease. Its hard top is large enough to cover the helm. The cockpit seats provide a great platform for fishing.


Silvercraft 34 Fishing Boats for Sale

Families and boating enthusiasts can find home inside the superb Silvercraft 34. You can cruise with the whole family far from the shores of Dubai. It features ample seating for the family, washroom, a large cockpit, and music system.

It is built for fishing, coastal, or in open sea. Robust and easy to handle, Silvercraft 34 keeps its passengers protected from the sun and rain. Silvercraft offers so many power boats for sale. Visit their website now at