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Omega-3 is an important source of fatty acids that are required by the body to ensure proper functioning body organs. Ironically, in spite of this substance being so important to the body, the deficiency of Omega-3 in the human body is increasing at an alarming rate. To help you in maintaining the required amount of Omega-3, Nordic Natural has come up with a lot of formulas to cater to the needs of individuals based on age and other factors. The consumption of Omega-3 has increased tremendously in the USA over the years. Some of these formulas are discussed below:

Children’s Omegas

At the early stages of infancy, a child needs Omega-3 to have all the major parts of his body to function properly. This product is produced having it in mind that children must have their brains and eyes working at the most optimum level. What is the use of a brain that malfunctions every now and then? The deficiency of Omega-3 in a child will lead to partial loss of sight and malfunctioning brain if not treated properly. Prevention, they say, is better than cure.

Vitamin D3 Formulas

Strong bones are also important too. They are the ones responsible for carrying the whole weight of an individual apart from other functions. To strengthen our bones, we needed a recommended daily dosage of Vitamin 3 which is available in this product.

Apart from the contribution in maintaining strong bones, it also helps us to regulate our immune system to be at its peak power. Omega 3s also helps in easing your joint flexibility as well as movements, thereby helping you stay active round the clock. It also backs up the internal repair functions that help in eliminating physical stresses.

Daily Omegas

Cases of heart failure are everywhere now. What used to be exclusively restricted to a group of people is gradually becoming a global problem. To nip this in the bud, Nordic Natural came up with this product, Daily Omegas, to make sure that we have hearts that stays healthy and proactive in the near future.

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