Prevent Glitches in Your Cruise Through Proper Yacht Maintenance

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iven that boats and yachts are often used for luxury purposes, they must always be in excellent condition. Moreover, accidents at sea can be extremely fatal so the inner workings of the vessel must be constantly checked. This is where boat repair and maintenance enters the picture. 

Some of the most common faults found on yachts are an overheating engine, stale air, stability issues due to excessive crane weight, moisture, and rusting due to salty water and many more. As you will observe, there are several issues that arise and each of them vary from the other.

Of all the problems mentioned above, moisture and rusting are by far the most common. They mostly take a toll on the boat's metallic parts, and the most vulnerable are the cabinet latches, davit, stainless steel hand railings, and antenna base.

Typically, the mechanical workings are protected by being located within the hull or by being in a cabinet, so it is not easily noticeable that they are rusting. Hence, a lot of people end up thinking that they are in great condition.

To avoid this issue, one of the basic yacht restoration tips is to rinse down the metals using fresh water. A corrosion inhibitor can also be sprayed once in a while. If you want, you can even use rustoleum and a wire brush to get rid of rusting painted metal parts in the boat's inner parts.

Meanwhile, there are a number of ways to deal with stale air problems. First is through good housekeeping by keeping the interior clean, fragrant and clutter-free. It is also advisable to install purification systems and fresh air makeup systems as doing so kills microbes and ensures that there are no stale air pockets in the yacht, thus making the interior atmosphere clean and fresh.

In the event that the boat engine is overheating, you need to check if there are blockages in the exhaust system or engine water intakes. It is also important to look into the fresh water coolant levels and the impellers.

To ensure that all the parts of your vessel are in great shape, entrust your boat refurbishing and marine yacht services needs to a qualified yacht maintenance company. Here in Dubai, there are a number of service providers that you can count on. SEMSEM International is one of them, which offers a complete line of yacht maintenance services at competitive rates.