Passcert H11-848-ENU HCNP-CC(Fast Track) exam dumps

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Share some HCNP-CC H11-848-ENU exam questions and answers below.
In U2990, the load from the balanced function to achieve unified call by ( ) eSpace U2990 as a load balancer access, business ( ) eSpace U2990 processing can do more eSpace U2990 resource sharing and external transparency. 
A. Multiple, Multiple 
B. One, Multiple 
C. Multiple, One 
D. One, One 
Answer: B

The service representative plays the specified voice file for the user, the user does not hear the voice, or hears the wrong voice. What are the possible reasons? (Select 3 Answers) 
A. The file server is missing a voice file 
B. The voice file name case on the file server is incorrect or the voice file format is incorrect 
C. VP has failed 
D. The voice file on the file server is incorrect 
Answer: ABC

The reference IP address of the CTI-Link is incorrectly configured and will not cause the status of the standby CTI-Link exception. 
A. True 
B. False 
Answer: B

In U2990, use PUTTY tool, login as OMU user, check the files under the following directory. The log file is stored in the ( ) folder under /opt/HUAWEI/cgp/workshop/omu/share/run_log. 
A. omu 
B. dev_log 
C. omu_log 
D. omu and dev_log 
Answer: D

Which of the following steps must be configured for the Huawei IPCC network call center environment setting up? 
A. NIRC is installed and configured in the Configuration Console 
B. Each single-point call center system configuration and VDN configuration 
C. Configure in UAP 
D. all of the above 
Answer: D

In U2990, which of the following statements about the box and the slot are correct? (Select 3 Answers) 
A. Slot 7 and slot 8 of the chassis must be configured with SMU. 
B. The GPU/SGU board can be configured in any slot other than slot 7 or slot 8. 
C. Slot 15 to slot 16 and 27-28 of the chassis must be configured as power boards. 
D. Must add the box 1 before you can add another box. 
E. If necessary, the GPU/SGU board can be configured in slot 7 and slot 8. 
Answer: ACD

Before logging in the Huawei IPCC network call center NIRC to do the network call configuration, need to add various information of call center to ( ). 
A. WAS Configuration Center 
B. MDS Add Service 
C. Add on CTI 
D. Configure on IVR 
Answer: A

In U2990, where is the SMU board fixed installed in? ( ) 
A. 1,2 slot 
B. 3,4 slot 
C. 5,6 slot 
D. 7,8 slot 
Answer: D

Agent on behalf of the implementation of call transfer, the agent pop-up transfer failed tips, which of the positioning ideas are correct? (Select 4 Answers) 
A. Check the destination device is available or not 
B. The target agent phone is faulty 
C. Track the call message and determine the cause of the failure 
D. Check the target agent is free or not 
E. Check the ICDComm's shared cache overflows on the host where the agent resides or not 
Answer: ACDE

In U2990, which of the following processes can not be configured on the MGC side? 
Answer: C

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