Optimizing Automation Solution for Smooth E-commerce Workflow

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Growing ecommerce companies across the world have witnessed a drastic change in customer buying behavior. On the other hand, it has also severely affected the supply chain nature and how inventory is being managed. Online shopping became a reality with the internet but at the same time managing its processes became a challenging task for ecommerce business leaders, owners and managers.

Customer satisfaction, as it was always, remained the main goal of the ecommerce companies, however, its definition became altered. Customer expectations grew high as their orientation changed with the innovating technology and with the convenience that this new age added to their lives.

This paradigm shift in shopping is not limited to delivering quality. Superfast order processing & returns along with accurate product delivery are the new ecommerce challenges that can earn for them, customer satisfaction as well as profitability.


Ecommerce businesses have innumerable activities to take care of and that too in a limited time frame. It also becomes mandatory for them to perform consistently and cost effectively in order to stand out in the competition. Therefore, big question of the hour is – what lies ahead for the ecommerce organizations?

Believe it or not, but these online shopping platforms can only rely on automation – an advanced technological solution.

Automation has the ability that can take ecommerce businesses beyond productivity and profitability. It can add value to the organization and help them in turning to be a brand in the long run. Ecommerce business processes when automated, boosts the order fulfillment and guides the companies in applying cost-effective measures. Besides, right from receiving orders to getting it delivered at the customer’s doorstep, all the activities are automated, which leads to smooth workflow and consistent performance throughout.

Effective management of the back-end process is another milestone achieved through automation. Inventory and storage space can be well utilized with this advanced technological solution. Adding more, automation can also help ecommerce businesses in setting up a robust supply chain, leading to effective management and complete customer satisfaction.

From the point order is placed to its delivery, customers are kept informed at every different stage. Automated channel avoids delay in delivery to a great extent. However, in case of any problem that may affect the product-delivery schedule, the automated system duly informs the customers about the possibility of delay and the re-scheduled time of product-delivery. Automation makes business processes transparent. When the customers are well informed, they feel happy and satisfied.  

Other important aspect is that the ecommerce firms may hire highly qualified ‘Seller On-Boarding Specialist or Professionals’ but they can never able to give their best effort while working with conventional methods such as using the spreadsheets etc. Automation adds to their efficiency as addition of sellers and vendors and their verification gets automated. And thus, the process becomes incredibly fast, ensuring complete data accuracy.

Automation avoids inconsistency in workflow. It quickly scrutinizes all the relevant data and fills the required information in the system, before approving new product listings or the purchase orders. Automation makes operations flawless and well organized.

Another process that gets more effective and efficient with automation is marketing. As far as the company’s promotional campaigns are concerned, automated system allows you to plan it in advance and execute it on a later date. Also, communication for sales, discounts and new launches can be sent to all the customers at the same time. Automation makes this possible with just a click of button.

Humans can forget to send a communication but the automated channels are well programmed in advance, which leaves no possibility of any miscommunication. It can send customized information to the customers, adding a personal touch. It can send greetings and warm wishes on birthdays, anniversaries and more.

Besides, automation also makes the customer care platform highly responsive. Customers can get their queries solved in the real-time. Even more, they can log-in into their account and check their transaction detail, order history etc. instantly. With this, automation can lead to an enhanced conversion rate and therefore, increase the profit margin for the company.           

With automation, the ecommerce companies can see a great improvement in the company’s information flow. With business processes getting automated, a harmony among the various departments gets established. Through this integrated channel, one department can communicate to the other in the real-time. It also plays a key role in making the business processes fast, effective and efficient.

Manual task handling can not only lead to errors but can also waste a significant amount of time and effort. Automation reduces the company’s operational cost to a great extent and also, it possesses the ability to create a win-win situation for the ecommerce organizations. Processes are streamlined; workforce is not overburdened; resources are fully optimized; orders, returns, refunds are processed with a superfast speed; products are delivered in time; inventory remains always updated; automation can set all the processes right. With this, automated system helps ecommerce companies in adding more and more sellers and customers to their business, which in turn leads to optimum output and better brand positioning in the market.