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Real Estate indeed is a safe investment, one which most of us believe to be a pseudo-retirement fund where we can put in our money through a variety of instruments and forget about it until the need arises. But any investment (including Real Estate) will stand to be healthy if it is allowed to ripen for the appropriate timeframe and harvested before its downfall. This is exactly the point where Capital Max Quotes comes in as your best advisors!

How do I sell my Real Estate Note?

Real Estate Sellers worldwide, be it private residence owners or office space retailers function largely using Mortgage notes/ Promissory notes which accrue a two way benefit both to the buyer and the seller. The buyer gains the comfort of acquiring a dream space exceeding his/ her affordability parameters by gaining a cushion period and agreeing to pay regular installments plus an interest on the mortgage note. On the other hand, the seller, who in most cases is not in the urgent need for cash, assures himself a steady income stream over the years through fixed or graduated Mortgage programs.

However, waiting too long may not always be the best decision particularly in the current volatile Real Estate market. It is advisable to make the right sale at the right time and not wait for emergencies to crop up to refrain from undertaking a distress sale. Be it for your vacation, your child’s education or starting a new business, if selling your Real Estate Note is on your mind, Capital Max Quotes can help you with the best ideas and plans to maximize your gains.

You are free to choose from a range of plans that give you the flexibility to sell a fraction of your Private Residential Mortgage note or get instant cash against a portion of your income stream. Our buyers at Capital Max Quotes are extremely friendly and will ensure robust plans for maximizing your gains. We give sellers the comfort of choosing the best suited mix based on their specific needs both long term and short term.

Instant cash against your Private Residential Mortgage Note

Gone are the days where Real Estate owners were satisfied by undertaking a sale against a Private Residential Mortgage Note with an extended timeline and graduated interest wherein an escalating income stream was assured for a major portion of their life. With the rising affinity towards a better life, the spectrum of needs has expanded exponentially and so has sentiment towards return on investment.

All we ask of you is to simply question yourself that ‘Do I actually need to wait for years for realizing my returns on my property. What if I want lump sum cash right away? Should I sell my Real Estate Note?

Well, the answer is ‘Yes’! You do not have to sell your entire instrument, instead undertaking a partial sale of your Private Residential Mortgage Note commensurate with your specific cash requirement is what we always recommend!

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