Namaste Yoga: Change your life by Practicing Yoga

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Namaste yoga is seen as a conscious yoga. Translated really, Namaste implies "I bow to you" and is routinely used as an aware welcome in the parts of India and Nepal.

How to perform Namaste Yoga?

To rehearse Namaste Yoga, put the hands together at the heart chakra with the fingers showing upwards and the palms touching. Close your eyes and bow your head while saying "Namaste." It can moreover be performed by assembling the hands before the third eye, bowing the head, and thereafter passing on the hands down to the heart. ashtanga yoga

Namaste is normally done after the class as after yoga plan the mind is by and large less dynamic and the vitality in the room all the more peaceful.

A few advantages of Namaste Yoga are:

•             Namaste Yoga enhances Enthusiastic soundness.

•             Help us in picking up clarity and genuine feelings of serenity.

•             Helps in Enhancing equalization.

•             Releases Stretch.                    

•             Helps in Enhancing Resistance.


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Living Yoga can change the lives and can encourage mending with resilence in unprotected and thought little of groups or groups.Yoga can change an existence of a man from both body and mind ways. It is the best thing a man ought to hone for a pressure free life and an engaged personality. ashtanga yoga