Lowering Female Hair Line Through Hair Transplant

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The Avenues clinic is an ideal place for Ahmedabad Hair Transplant for both men and women. Generally, the males are considered to be ideal candidates for hair transplant surgery but this is only a partial truth. Hair transplant surgery is suitable for males, but nowadays, females are choosing this surgery frequently because of the new advancements in the field of hair transplant for females. Hair loss of baldness may affect the females and generally, they face a wide forehead with a receding hairline. Advanced procedures make is possible to reduce the hairline to make is looking natural again.

Hair transplant for hair line lowering:

Hair transplant surgery is a great option for forehead reduction in females and it does not leave any scar mark on the forehead. However, natural look of the hairline depends on the skills of the surgeon. During the procedure, the surgeon removed single hair follicles from the back of the head and transplants them to the front of the head.

FUT and FUE techniques

The strip surgery or FUE technique can be used to restore the female hairline. If the FUE technique is chosen, the back of the head is shaved. FUE method for restoring the hairline is more popular than the strip method since FUE is quite famous for not leaving any scar marks. However, FUE is performed by trained and highly qualified surgeons since it needs more concentration and efficiency. In fact, the FUE procedure leaves tiny and almost invisible scars on the treated area.

How are the females treated?

Females are considered as natural candidates for hair transplant, but modern hair loss experts treat them according to the condition of the scalp. First of all the experts examine the scalp of the front of the head to decide the severity of the disease. After a proper diagnosis, the type of the procedure is decided by the surgeon and the final decision is made by the surgeon. As mentioned above, the popular options for hair transplant or hairline restoration are FUT and FUE. Besides Hair transplant surgery, the surgeon may prescribe medical treatment as well to prevent or slow down the process.


Realistic Expectations

Women expectations are different from the goals of women while they decide to undergo the hair transplant surgery. As women like to look prettier, they prefer a perfect hairline with their aesthetic goals. Therefore, in case of female hair transplant or hairline restoration the surgeon the surgeon has to be more careful and he must tell the patients about the realistic goals of the surgery. it is quite possible that the density of the hairline does not match the expectation of the patient and in this case, the patients may need multiple hair transplant surgeries.

If you are a woman and looking for a genuine place for Ahmedabad Hair Transplant, you would be happy to undergo the surgery with the help of the experts of the Avenues clinic. The experts of the clinic are able to provide you a perfect hairline again.