How to deal with the issue of iPhone 5s touch screen?

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  Does your iPhone 5s sometimes looks as if it’s been operated by a ghost? Pressing thing on its own, you didn’t intend to press, carrying out tasks you didn’t have in mind: your iPhone 5s just starts clicking by itself all of a sudden like some bot or robot is at work. This does gets more frustrating when you try to type a text to someone or type anything at all. A task that should take you a minute or two now takes forever to complete, because your phone keeps adding alphabets and characters into your messages rendering them meaningless, and you have to carefully ensure that it doesn’t happen. Speak of a demon-possessed iPhone 5s! Yeah, sort of.


  Let’s go into how you can fix this issue if you’re experiencing it, so you can save yourself from this frustration. If your iPhone 5s starts clicking by itself only when you’re charging it, but works properly when it is not charging: I’m glad to announce to you that your charger is the cause of your problem, and you’re risking more by using a third-party charger or USB cable on your iPhone instead of the original one from Apple. You can damage your U2 IC chip with it, and that can cause a bigger problem for you. If that’s the case with you, get an original charger and USB cable fast, before more woes befall your iPhone 5s.


  On the other hand, if your ghost touch issues occur when you’re not charging your phone, first you should try cleaning your screen to ensure it’s not dirty. Wash and dry your hands to get all dirt off your hand, and use a screen cleaner to get all the dust and other stuff off the phone’s screen. Sometimes, dirt and dust interfere with your touchscreen making it to start clicking by itself. If cleaning your iPhone 5s, doesn’t resolve this issue, and you recently replaced your screen because it was damaged, then you have a bad aftermarket screen. That is what’s causing all your ghost touch issues. You should take your phone back to where you had your screen replaced. They would fix this for you or replace the screen at once to solve this problem. But, if you replaced the screen yourself, then you know your way around opening your iPhone. Check the connection of the screen-board if it’s alright. Also, ensure that the connector itself doesn’t have any bent pins or debris on any of the connectors or in the terminal. If you make sure that the touch connector flex clicks on the board like it should and there are no bent pins or debris on any of the connectors, then there will be no more ghost touch issues on the iPhone 5s.


  While the first two approach to solving this problem is entirely in your hands (easily done with little technical knowledge); the third one that indicates you have a bad aftermarket screen, will require the input of a technician. Unless you’re sure you can handle it yourself: by all means, go right ahead. This iPhone 5s LCD Screen and Digitizer Full Assembly includes all the small parts pre-installed in the assembly, saving time and increasing the quality of your repair. If you’re a repair pro—or need to save a little dough—check out the iPhone 5s LCD Screen and Digitizer, a less complete assembly requiring the transfer of small parts from your old screen.


  Here, we provide Grade O quality as the original LCD glass with no dots and no scratches. We can make sure that our iPhone 5s LCD screen go through QC testing in order to receive the best quality screen parts.