How To Boost Energy Levels In Men And Women With Herbal Health Supplements?

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Working mothers, instinctive people pleasers and homemakers rarely find relaxing time and may get extremely tired working or transiting continuously for 10 to 12 hours to meet demands of office, children, aging parents and partner. Some take pills to get proper sleep and remain under pressure to deliver the desired level of efficiency in their work areas. Since they are unable to devote time to relax, it can lead to headache, pains, anxiety and mood disorders. Normal fatigue and chronic fatigue are different conditions. Chronic fatigue cannot be reversed by trying to change way of living, rather it leads to premature aging and it compromises the immune functions. Aging cause bone related disorders such as osteoporosis and monthly flow can cause extreme pain or inconvenience, anemia or chronic fatigue in women, who, in general, appear healthy. There are many who want to know useful ways to meet their everyday energy needs, or seek alternatives to find how to boost energy levels.

A number of women ignore the body's demand to relax and the multitaskers suffer due to depression, undue weight gain or weight loss and binge eating. The woman suffering from sleep issues and pressure feels rundown or overwhelmed. Headache and depression are other symptoms, which can cause short term memory, irritability and confusion. The symptoms lead to muscle soreness and creates a feeling of physical exhaustion. So how to boost energy levels using harmless simple methods?

Pipal or Ficus religiosa extract is found in the herbal health supplements, which has been extensively explored and shows potential to prevent cell degeneration due to ability to target multiple molecular pathways. The extract can exert diverse biological activities including apoptosis of the breast cancer cell lines. It shows anti neoplastic activities and the bark can improve the constitution of human cervical cell lines. A study found it was able to block the cell cycle progression and it showed strong chemo protective activities. Kali Mirch or black pepper is another ingredient commonly found in herbal health supplements e.g. Super Health capsules that prevents weight gain and works as natural anti-depressant. It contains vitamins - A, C and protects the body from harsh environmental conditions and improves metabolism to prevent tiredness.

One-third of the health problems in women in age from 15 to 45 are health of problems of reproductive organs and the endocrine system. Complication in pregnancy, childbirth, monthly flow and change in endocrine flow has strong impact on women heath. A number of women suffer from infections of bacteria, fibroids and conditions such as vaginitis. Gynecological conditions which includes the irregularities of the monthly flow, urinary tract health and disorders of the pelvic floor muscles cause a number of symptoms including fatigue, whereas, fatigue is one of the key symptoms of heart disease in women and diabetes is another risk factor.

Lauh Bhasma or iron supplement in herbal health supplements can prevent the condition of anemia due to excess monthly flow. The iron supplement used in the preparation of the supplement is processed through ayurvedic methods and has the property to boost absorption into the bloodstream.