Holiday Smart Tips for Boaters

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Oryx 27

Looking for an unforgettable holiday experience?

Picture yourself cruising on a yacht, holding your glass of wine, while watching the sunset. Cruising has become a more casual vacation in the UAE. The emirates have sunny skies to offer all throughout the year.

There are many opportunities to have fun during the holidays. Apart from the country’s top-rated attractions by land, the turquoise waters of the Gulf are perfect for boaters. Nothing is more boast-worthy than spending the holidays onboard a yacht.


Travel insurance. No matter how much training you have, things can go wrong during a vacation. Secure a travel insurance two weeks before your trip. Choose a policy that offers sufficient coverage for medical costs.

Kids must wear life-vest. This is an important rule when it comes to boating safety. A child should be wearing a life jacket before he or she ever boards a boat. Insist on them even if they complain and explain the reason why.

Food and drinks. Breakfast can include easy to eat foods like cereal, bagels, muffins, and granola bars. Lunch can mean a lot of sandwiches since they’re easy to prepare. Dinners are often hot-of-the-grill and cooking the catch of the day.

First aid kit: Recreational boaters are recommended to bring a fire extinguisher and first aid kit. Sunscreen is very important so be sure to bring some for the whole group. Prepare motion-sickness pills and pain relievers.

Documents and paperwork. There are paperwork you should carry with you in order to safely cross borders. When boating in international waters, bring your passports, visa, boat registration or rental agreement, and insurance documents.


The UAE remains one of the top destinations for leisure-boaters. Have a trip around the stunning vista of Dubai Marina. Cruise along the open water and see the Burj Al Arab, the Palm Jumeirah, and the Atlantis Hotel.

Cross the border into Oman and experience the pristine waters of the Khor fjord and stop to swim and snorkel among colorful fish. Enjoy a swim in the crystal blue waters of the Arabian Gulf and witness the beautiful sunset with loved ones.


The type of boat you need will depend on your planned activities. Whether it’s for a holiday trip with friends or family, Gulf Craft offers the best options. Oryx 27 will surely make the time you spend at sea more enjoyable.  

New and seasoned boaters would surely love Oryx 27, especially for day sailing. The trendy 8.40 m yacht has a power option of 350 hp, reaching a typical speed of 42 knots. It can be used for overnight excursions since it provides sleeping accommodations for two.

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