Give Something That Is Useful and Thoughtful

The last thing you want to do is to hand out gifts which find their way into the trash can almost as soon as they were given. Unfortunately, that is known to happen anytime gifts are chosen without thought as to their utility and/or who the recipient is. Whether it is a personal celebration like a wedding shower, or a corporate event; you need to be savvy in your choice of door gifts. Otherwise, you might end up spending too much, and annoying several people.

Choose with Recipients in Mind

For example, if you have planned on giving hampers of chocolates and other confectionary where quite a few guests might have health issues, or simply be very health conscious; you can expect quite a few vexed attendees. Therefore, explore these door gifts ideas before you pick something. Unless you expect all the guests to be of the same sex, and of the same group, it would make better sense to choose something that is unisex, and would be useful for people of all ages. Like, you could look for a document wallet which would keep important travel documents like passports, travel tickets, itineraries, and visa paperwork, all in one place.

Some other useful, yet classy door gifts could be moleskin notepads with pens; sterling silver flasks; a toiletry bag full of travel size toiletries such as body wash, shampoo and conditioner, and body lotion; nifty travel coffee mugs; keychains decorated with delicate figurines, and antique silver buttons done up in luxurious ribbons.

Make the Right Impact

Don’t underestimate the impact of well-chosen door gifts in Singapore.Whether the recipients are friends or family or attendees of a formal corporate event; they will be more kindly disposed towards you/your organization. Gifts with a difference could be Swarovski crystal knick-knacks; cheese knife with a fancy handle; digital clocks; T-shirts; distinctively shaped fridge magnets; marble coasters; funky looking openers; fragrant candles; brass candelabra; or even picnic mats. Let your imagination run wild; but keep an eye on the checkbook.

Follow protocol: Like all gifts, door gifts should be attractively packed. You will need to take a call on whether to hand out the door gifts as people arrive, or whether they should be given as the guests leave. You could also have them arranged prettily in baskets for individuals to pick one anytime during the party/shower/event. The hitch with this arrangement is that it means all the gifts should be the same item, or at least have the same monetary value.