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Just about any time the IRS is mentioned in conversation or brought up as part of a financial discussion, you'll see frowns and grimaces as people try to swallow their instinctive fear of, or agitation about, this government agency. When the IRS is part of anyone's personal or professional picture, things can look and feel pretty grim. No one likes the thought of being on the IRS radar - for any reason. But throughout your life, there might actually come a time when this big-brother agency might turn its gimlet eye in your direction.    You might have had a tough year with far-reaching impacts that cause you to neglect an IRS filing on time - life happens, and we can get caught up in the details while the big picture passes by, often coming back to haunt us when we least expect it. A failed-to-file return is one of the most common reasons to have the IRS come calling, especially if you actually owe them money for that taxable year.    You might, through a variety of reasons, be subject to an audit for either personal or business taxes, and when you get notification of an IRS audit the knee-jerk reaction is panic. There might not be any actual reason to panic - the audit might have been triggered by an error of some kind; in fact, they often occur for just this reason. A pendulum-swing in the other direction for some people is to stick their head in the sand and ignore an audit notice hoping it will go away on its own if they don't pay any attention to it long enough - note to self, this never works. The IRS is known as a bulldog agency for a reason because they never let go unless you give them a valid reason to do so.    It's possible for you to file a return but be unable to pay the owed taxes for whatever reason within the timeframe normally allowed. This will bring about communications from the IRS directing you to get caught up on what you owe, and if you do not comply, or are unable to comply, you could bring down the full wrath of the IRS without mercy. While this is a bad situation to be in, it is not unrecoverable - keep that in mind.    For any of these reasons, and more besides, your best bet is to hire a tax attorney who is an expert in dealing with IRS problems. If you are in the Los Angeles area, your best bet is Platinum Tax Defender - the tax attorney Los Angeles expert who can and will help you out of your situation and onto the road of recovery with their attention to detail and their swift and compassionate customer service philosophy. Being in debt to the IRS is not the end of your story, it is only the beginning of your upturn in fortune when you trust Platinum Tax Defender to educate you about your options and communicate with the IRS on your behalf. Stop the panic, pull your head out of the sand and quit stressing - call on Platinum Tax Defender and go from survivor mode to revival mode fast. Do you need a tax attorney Los Angeles? If so, Platinum Tax Defenders can help. Visit today to learn more about the services they offer.