The Farjami & Farjami LLP is the Best Law Firm to Protect your Intellectual Property

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Intellectual property is an intangible asset for any company that offers them a creative edge over competitors and need to be protected from any infringements. Patents, copyrights and trademarks come under intellectual property and any violations by other parties in this respect can be fought with the help of the law firm that can offer you unsurpassed legal representation to protect your legal rights in your respective industry. The Farjami & Farjami LLP is one of the best legal firm that has been providing services to protect the intellectual property of their clients and has also be named as the “Go-To-Firm” by corporate counsel magazine for the competence and expert services in the area. The company not only have the best of attorneys to fight your case but they are also equipped with technical knowledge to clearly understand your case and accordingly come up with the defense strategies. The Frajami & Farjami attorneys have technological exposure in the areas of telecommunications, computers, internet and software, semiconductors, networks, medical, biomedial etc which are the fields where most of the innovation happens and patent infringements are common. The additional knowledge of the clients’ technologies and business goals surely gives the Farjami lawyers an edge over the others to procure patent and trade mark protection for their clients and hence has been retained by the best of the engineering companies for their services.

Farjami & Farjami LLP offer their services to all clients whether large or small offering best legal representation with their expert knowledge on the latest technological advances to procure patent and intellectual property rights for their clients. The firm offer their services in all types of intellectual property areas right from filing patents to registering Trademarks and copyrights and litigate any disputes in this respect in the federal courts. The firm also offer their assistance for companies that have been looking to expand their licensing or buying license agreements from other companies. The firm has lot of experience in fighting for the rights of their clients who have been accused of violating or misappropriation of intellectual property in both the state and federal courts. They also have exposure on international patent rights and can obtain patent protection from different countries, protect trade secrets and also help clients with all types of electronic property protection. The excellence of the firm begins right from its recruitment of lawyers for their firm who hire only candidates with excellent academic credentials and also background experience in technical areas that sets them apart from other IP law firms.

Farjami & Farjami LLP has been named the "Go-To Law Firm for 2010" by Corporate Counsel Magazine. We are proud to let the world know that, our attorneys have managed and supervised extensive patent portfolios for Fortune 100 and 500 companies. For more details about Farjami LLP visit us.