Explain Different Types of Modular Exhibitions Stalls

Modular exhibition stalls can be assembled and dismantle with ease. It usually comprises of pre engineered parts which gives the stand a complete professional look. They consist of attractive roofs, walls and rooms. The advantage of a Exhibition Stall Designer is that it can be reused any number of times. You have the liberty to add or reduce items according to your wish during each exhibition.
Modular exhibition stalls can fit into any space any time. You just need to make it attractive using different visual aids like graphic boards, lighting etc. Modular exhibition stands are cost efficient and easy to handle during an exhibition. Unlike the custom build stand which is heavy and usually useful only for a single exhibition a modular exhibition stand is reusable.
Modular stands are usually made of aluminium frames with infill panels that can be interchanged with graphic boards according to the exhibition you desire to attend. Exhibition Stands Builders are flexible, light weight and cost efficient.
Modular exhibition stands come with different features. These include:
Professional set up
A modular exhibition stand is designed with perfection and provides a professional outlay that helps you look unique.
Pre engineered parts
One advantage of a modular exhibition stand is that they come with readymade primary parts which helps in assembling your stand as many times you want and make changes depending on the occasion.
Eco friendly
Unlike the custom built stand which requires lot of work, a modular exhibition stand comes with eco friendly materials. This not only reduces your cost but also helps you to show your company your responsibility towards the environment and fulfils the company’s CSR (Corporate social Responsibility)
Multiple and consistent look
A modular exhibition stand can be used at any type of exhibition, may it be big or small. It’s easy rebuild and dismantle facility furthers this point. Also its pre engineered parts gives the stand a consistency which further help in building the brand image among customers.
Better return on investment
With its multiple use feature a modular exhibition stand helps you to save on budget. As mentioned earlier, you can alter the size a design of your stand according to your need when it comes to a modular “Exhibition Stall Fabricators” unlike the custom built stand which is dismantled without further usage.
Moving on to the applications of a modular exhibition stand
Medium and large scale exhibitions
A modular exhibition stand can be used for both small exhibition events as well as big exhibition events containing more and prominent participants.
Multi city exhibitions
The easy to dismantle and rebuilt facility provided by a modular exhibition stand makes it a hot favourite for companies exhibiting at multiple cities. These modular stands which are highly cost efficient helps companies to use their budget wisely especially at times when you are exhibiting your product in different places at the same time.