Everything that you need to know about the weeping tiles

At times it is very difficult to understand what is leading to the various drainage related troubles which you face at your home. However this can be a very critical issue to deal with and if not attended to at the right time, can take a very severe form that is difficult to be handled. These troubles mainly occur during rainstorms and water logging troubles. Though they develop over a long period of time, when the troubles finally outburst, it can actually cause a very great trouble for the residents of the house not only in terms of the hygiene of the house but also the health condition of the residents. Weeping tiles are a good solution to your drainage trouble and we are going to enlighten you about all that is necessary to know about weeping tile replacement.

What is weeping tile?

They were originally terracotta tiles which had holes for drainage system though in the modern times, they come in the form of 4 inches thick porous plastic pipes that are used for discharging underground water. The pipes today have weep holes or thin slits all over the body of the pipe that are designed to redirect the water flow away from the home. These pipes were developed originally by Henry Flagg French who lived in Massachusetts.

How do the tiles work?

The concept behind these pipes is quite simple. They are placed in a trench with the hole sides up outside the perimeter of the house or under the basement floor. When the ground water rises, it flows through the holes of the pipe and follows the incline of the pipe and is discharged away from the house. The Exterior Basement Waterproofing of the house plays a major role in the water discharge method when these pipes are being used.

Types of these tile system

There are different types of the weeping tile system and they are namely the exterior and interior weeping tiles system.

The exterior weeping tile system is also called French Drains and it helps to manage the water at ground level even before it gets into the basement. The interior weeping tiles on the other hand is used when at times the exterior weeping system fails. This is installed under the basement floor of the house and the water here is being directed to a sump pump to an exterior storm sewer. Both the methods are equally important for a proper drainage system for the house. In case there is any leakage or rupture with the drainage system it is important that you seek professional help at the earliest.


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