Enjoyment Of Mt.Kailash Tour Challenging Trek Special Tour Packages

Mt. Kailash is one among the challenging treks in the world pilgrims. The Tibet route is widely familiar as kora all over Mount Kailash sacred to the numinous and religions place. The pilgrims multitude to the mountain make the trek directly to the holy mountains and visit spiritual Lake Manasarovar. The Mount Kailash begins from snowy peaks, charming Darchen village, lush greenery deep valleys, barren land, blue lakes and so on. The Mt.Kailash tour grabs the entire trekker who beginner and expert trekker impress on the challenging trek. It gives the unparalleled opportunity to engage in the trek and explore wide array of Tibet beauty. The Kailash massif base average altitude of 5,000m needs strong perseverance. The affordable rate foods and accommodation are available on the trek so you can enjoy more in the astounding trekking destination. You can see the friendly local residents welcome the trekker and visit the place with peace of mind.

The highest point of Drolma La Pass 5,630m includes several religions of pilgrims circumambulate Mt. Kailash on the holy ritual foot bring the good fortune. The Hindus and Buddhists religions peregrination achieved in a clockwise direction. The lofty and stunning icy mountain is extremely famous and closer to Lake Manasarovar about 4,590m from the sea level. The Lake Manasarovar in the west is another Rakshastal lake towards Mount Kailash north as well Sutlej River round-shaped Indus large tributary easternmost. The trek from Ganden to Samye will permit the trekker passes via many traditional villages in Tibet to see the simple life, customs and their ancient culture. The Mount Kailash is well-surrounded by significant five monasteries such as Drirapuk Monastery, Gyangzha monastery, Thailong Monastery, Songchu Monastery and Nyari Monastery.

The Kailash Mansarovar Tour is also ideal choice to the trekker enjoy the Tibetan culture, murals, sculptures, thangkas, statues, etc. Monasteries are the peaceful place for the trekker’s accommodation and make sure best time to trail May to October. You can see astounding Saga valley view between the Himalayan Range and Gangdise Rang. You can passes through Manasarovar holy lake and feel the spiritual vibration inside you. Check out the offering tour packages for the chosen destination and enjoy the vacation in your dream place. You can visit and spend time in the Tibet holy mountain to make the trek memorable in the entire life. Here, you can enjoy bath hot spring in the Manasarova snowy region. The dream trekking experience will suit Manasarova with lot happiness.

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