DGP Loknath Behera issues instructions

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In an effort to reduce road accidents, state police chief Loknath Behera has instructed his fellow personnel to ensure motorists are complying with the guidelines of Kerala Road Safety Authority. He gave the directives following the strict instructions of the Supreme Court. At a meeting held on August 21, the committee formed by the Supreme Court reviewed the statistics of road accidents in the state. The committee also instructed the accident rates should be reduced from 10 to 15 per cent and the police should intensify the enforcement.

Key instructions

  • Ensure drivers are driving without consuming alcohol and drugs
  • Motorists should adhere to the signal rules and the personnel should keep a check on rash and negligent driving
  • Overloaded goods vehicles and speaking on mobile phones while driving should be strictly penalised
  • The driving licences of the offenders should be seized and sent to the Motor Vehicles Department for recommending the suspension. The district police chiefs should send the reports on a monthly basis
  • If any motorist is found violating red signals more than five times, their driving licence should be sent for cancellation
  • Vehicles plying without keeping third-party insurance should be booked
  • Vehicle inspection should be strengthened near schools, colleges and bus stations
  • Safety of pedestrians should be given top priority
  • Stringent action should be taken against vehicles not keeping speed governors
  • Wearing helmets and seat belts should also be checked

The DGP also asked the subordinates to submit a report on the action taken by the traffic police in June, July and September before October 10.