Companies Need To Get a Sense of Humour

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All customers like to see the human side of your business on the social media. And why not? Best bonding can be established with the customers only if businesses can showcase their human side to them rather than being a mere customer desk support. How can this human aspect be shown by brands? By making an emotional connect; making your customer laugh, cry, whine, cringe or feel very happy! This way your brand becomes unforgettable and remains forever etched in the minds of the customer. The best way to make this emotional connect is by injecting humour in your message. Brands that bring a smile to our face are most remembered irrespective of where they may be posted; Facebook or Twitter.

Incorporating humour in your message makes you seem less uptight and more human. Humour is a great icebreaker; can smoothen out a rough day or pass off an awkward moment or touch your customer’s heart right away. A funny message grabs the viewer’s attention, makes it striking, acts as a stress buster and most importantly makes you relate to the customer. Humour can sell your brand the most without being too pushy.

Though the brand may be boring, it stands out due to its fascinating social media presence. By infusing humour in the social media marketing, you can change the consumer’s perception of the brand. How do you do this? Firstly, it is to be yourself on the social media rather than coming across as a pompous and official personality. Create content that is witty, relatable and shareable and connect them to the brand. Intelligent humour that appeals to the funny side of every individual is sought after the most in the current social media marketing strategies.

There are certain points to be remembered if you want to show your human side to the customers.

·         Humour you use should not hurt anybody’s sentiments

·         Language you use should be minus the industry jargon; it must be the everyday common language used by all

·         Interacting with the customers on a personal basis through small gestures say by posting a personal thank you to a customer endorsing your brand

·         Acknowledging mistakes; just shows you are human too

·         Including the name of the person posting the message, makes the message more personal

·         Offering solutions to certain of your audience’s pain points

·         Surprising your customers through special gestures

·         Developing your unique voice   

Meaningful relationships can be built on the social media by touching your customer’s hearts. Humour is one of the best ways to do it.