Cat litter crystals – Get to know their benefits

There are various cat litters used around the world, but the cat litter crystals is the most popular among them. If hygiene is the priority then this product is the best choice, as it is made of super adsorbent silica gel with millions of microscopic pores that absorb cat urine and dry feces efficiently. It is extensively preferred because of its super adsorbent quality so that no moisture and odor stay in your home. Another reason for the wide use of the cat litter crystals is due to its low tracking design, so one does not need to sweep the tracked litter every time the cat uses the litter tray. It has gained popularity among cat lovers due to its lasting period. It is quite long-lasting than the other products; so one does not require changing it for a period of one month that makes it quite economic too. The big advantage of using this product is it does not have any fragrance. Thus, cats readily accept it. The process of making a transition from clay or paper litters to crystal litters is easier for the cats. All one has to do is place the crystals in a clean cat litter tray about five centimeters deep and scoop out the solid waste twice a day. This product is designed to be lasted for at least one month.

Choosing food for birds is a difficult task. There are two types of bird food- natural and commercial. The natural feed usually consists of seed (sunflower, millet, safflower, etc.) and non-seed (beef fat, breadcrumbs, barley, sugar water, etc.) It is quite confusing for a bird owner when it comes to choosing the best one between the two, considering their nutritional value. Commercial feed is also of two types, seed mix and pellets. Birds require different foods for different seasons, and it is attained by the balanced nutrition of pellets. Feather loss, obesity and other health problems are avoided by feeding your bird with pellets. There are various pellets available in the market, but every kind of bird food is formulated with optimal nutrition. Pellets are completely organic and have been created by nutritionists in order to provide a balanced diet for the birds. They are formulated with a nutritious diet so that no additional supplements are required for your birds. Pellets come in two forms- high potency and lifetime formulas. High potency is used for the first six months of their lives in order to convert them from a seed diet to a pellet diet. It is high in fat and protein content. Once the birds get used to the pellets then the lifetime formula is used instead of high potency pellet diet. This has low level of fat and protein than the high potency pellets, and it is more of a balanced diet used during the entire life span of a bird. There are also power treat pellets available in the market that are fed to the birds. These power treats could also be used during the transition period of a seed-based diet to a pellet diet.

Give the cat a healthy way to defecate by using the   cat litter crystals , as the product is known to keep the house odor-free. On the other hand, there is a wide range of options for  bird food  so that one can select the right food for their pet birds.