The Caravan Tow Vehicle

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Nowadays the vast majority of caravan travellers appear to use a medium to large 4WD tow vehicle pulling a hefty dual-bogy caravan.

This setup supposes a retired couple to shell out a selection of their capital (say $70 to 80,000 ) within the big trip of the dreams.

There are several elements of this course of action which are perhaps overlooked. It's easy to drive around Australia on splendid bitumen highways, with lots of good gravel side tracks to interesting places.

A 4WD vehicle is unnecessary within this role. At the conclusion of the trip there is a large thirsty vehicle that will not suit a surburban lifestyle as well as the caravan is really a large investment (say $30,000) that will just be handed down in a far discounted price.

However, some caravanners still tow having a sedan car, probably since most drivers own a sedan car. I drive a sedan car. The lockable boot signifies that my tools and electronics test gear has run out of sight and therefore fairly safe once the vehicle is parked.

On our round Australia trip the boot held two film camera bags, the recording camera and recorder, plus other valuable gear. Within the many car parks and side streets where we left the vehicle parked it had been not broken into. Most theft from motor vehicles involves breaking in to the passenger compartment - the boot is seldom attacked. Obviously this aspect is simply one element in the overwhelming interest in the sedan car.

Since a sedan car is made for passenger comfort instead of for heavy load carrying, the caravan being towed ought to be as light a lot as is also practical. If you think you require a big caravan (say 16 to 18ft long) then you definitely must tow it having a suitably large car. You may still find large cars available on the market. GMH, Ford and Mitsubishi all produce vehicles ideal for towing mid-sized caravans, ie. 14 to 18 feet long.

Each one of these manufacturers can offer optional towing facilities for his or her vehicles directed for the motorist who tows a van, boat trailer or horse float, etc.

It might appear an exaggeration, however i advise a large car along with a small caravan because the safest and easiest rig. We used a Holden auto sedan having a 4.2 litre V8 engine, weighing 1,600kg. Our van is really a diminutive 12ft 6in long, yet loaded for your trip probably scaled a minimum of 1,200kg. This combination was ideal and gave an excellent feeling of stability in every road conditions. The lugging power from the V8 engine at low to medium speeds, as well as the extra engine power accessible to run air cooling within the tropics without overheating, is indeed a bonus.

Having a big car you will find the tremendous advantage of power steering, vital when manoeuvring the van onto a website.

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