The best (and free) tools SEO

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Often, in the various groups or industry forums, one of the questions that most arouses debates - obviously after "how do I get first on Google?" - Concerns the famous tool, or tools to do SEO.

I would assume, the most obvious of the balances of the early season, which virtually do not need any tools to do optimization for search engines.


Abuse of SEO tools

The tools help, certainly, definitely speed up some automatic processes such as controlling the positioning in SERP (do a little hand is expensive in terms of time) but think of replacing the activity of a professional creative knowledge with a tool you do not with Fordism the assembly but with the designer.

The result is very shaky (the broken-down car off Paperoga inspired by the East German Trabant).

Put eg all those tools for optimizing off-page placing links to bribe along the Web: do you really think that will lead to some results, in addition to showing the backside as William Wallace in Google, among other things waiting for you the same fate?


The SEO tools that help you really

I personally feel useful just those tools that I speed up operations-consuming (see control of placements above) or provide data. What does it mean?

If there are SEO tools of which I can not do without, then these are the ones that give me as much information as possible about the query made by a user (average monthly searches, impressions, average CTR in SERPs) and the behavior of the same in SERP.

The obvious answer is the ****ytical tools like Google ****ytics or Webmaster Tools. But behold, they are ****ytical tools, in fact, not purely tools "to do SEO".


So what is the best tool to do SEO?

What if it follows from the latter scrambling record that even Spider-Man? That, jumping from Marvel to DC, the best SEO tool is Brainiac. That is, I mean, YOUR brain!

Mind you, if you like my time is full of bugs, but basically you should not recline on its laurels or on data that is up to you to interpret.

The added value of professional SEO has its own interpretation of the data and creativity in applying the "usual" optimization processes according to the plans developed for this or for that business.

And until they will pull out an devoted to organic positioning, then you can feel comfortable that no software will ever replace the good Geppetti of SEO.


Now a few saws, and tell me what you think: you have a tool like SEO, beyond cerebral onanism?