Annotated Bibliography: Why it is important to know more about it

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It is a fact that you have known or come across the annotated bibliographies during your period of study. In fact, your professor may have given you assignments whose instructions require you to write an annotated bibliography. Nonetheless, you may be confused on what an annotated bibliography is, and why it is important. Well, an annotated bibliography refers to a summary of the books and other sources or materials you are using to write your paper. Moreover, it provides an evaluation of the materials, and why they are important for your research. This is a very important property of annotated bibliography, and you can ask any coursework help online expert to verify this statement. Now, let us talk more about the components of annotated bibliographies and the various categories of annotations. Below are the components of the annotated bibliographies: • A reference citation list: The annotated bibliography must contain a full reference of the source that you are using for your assignment. These include the name of the author, title, date of publication etc. Nonetheless, this depends on the writing style that you are using. • Background of the author: It is important to identify the experience of the author. This will include the qualifications he has in writing the source of the material you are using. This information will help to determine the reliability of the material used in the writing your paper. • Purpose: In your annotations, it is essential for you to identify why the author wrote the material you are using. What is the main argument contained in the writing, and what methods are used to explain his arguments. • Personal view of the source: You should explain why the source is important for you, and how you are going to use it in your writing assignment. Annotations without personal opinions are not complete. Note that, there are different goals or motivations that may guide you to write about annotated bibliographies. Furthermore, depending on the instructions provided by your professor, it is next to impossible to come up with a standard procedure that will guide you into writing annotated bibliographies. The following are the major categories of annotated bibliographies that you can come across: i. Summary annotated bibliography: They help to depict the summation of the material or source that you intend to use in your writing assignment. ii. Evaluative annotated bibliography: This is a type of annotation that provides an evaluation of the strengths of the sources, and identifies its weaknesses. Furthermore, it examines when the source is useful, and the quality of information contained in it. iii. Combined annotated bibliography: This is an evaluative and summary of a source that you intend to use in your work. From these facts, it is evident that writing annotated bibliographies is not a difficult task. However, if you are not able to write such a paper because of time issues or other commitments you are free to outsource your work to us. When you make such decision, expect to receive your work on time. Our writers never delay with orders. Moreover, your annotated bibliography will be written from scratch. On this note, you are assured of originality and receiving a plagiarism free paper. We therefore encourage you to try our writing services by ordering a paper from us.