All you need to know about laser hair removal

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Laser hair reduction is the most sorts after procedure in present times. We would have all read about Laser Resurfacing Clinic in Bangalore in a fancy magazine, heard from people who have done …some good reviews and some bad. o SAFETY ….is the most common doubt we all have. This is the easiest to confront. For Indian skin, Diode and Nd Yag are two technologies that have the highest safety profile. So when choosing where to go make sure you are under the wings of a trained doctor and the machine used is an FDA approved one Resurfacing Laser Treatment specialist in Bangalore

o Expensive: Back then lasers where really expensive, off late the technology has come so far that the price tag has come down drastically. Price would be comparatively lesser to other hair removal procedures. Since lasers permanently reduce your unwanted hair, in the long run, this procedure is definitely worth your investment. o Pain: We use sapphire tip high-end machines which are painless. Lasers have evolved towards becoming less and less painful as sapphire tips are a part of high-end machines. o Time: The procedure is quicker than you can imagine, it would hardly take ten min to get an underarm laser done. o How many sessions required: On an average everyone would see appreciable results in 6 sessions. But to complete once treatment 8-10sessions are required. o Maintenance: Once or twice a year would be the maintenance required according to one's body response. WHAT WE OFFER AT SKIN CLAN: At Skin Clan Anti Aging Treatment in Bangalore we bring you Lumenis Desire which is the worlds best laser for hair removal. Its sapphire tip gives the best cooling and its bigger spot size makes it a quick procedure. Worldwide it’s considered as the gold standard for hair removal laser. Results are visible within 2-3 sessions, and also help to reduce the number of sessions required as compared to others.