8 Questions to Ask Before You Get a Church App

 If you look around, everyone has an opinion about church apps. Website designers say they’re not needed, for-profit businesses say they’re essential, and everyone has an opinion. Some apps cost thousands while others are provided to churches for free, but what does your common sense say? Does your church need a church app?

A great idea to figure this out is to take a survey of your leadership and your members using a free survey tool such as SurveyMonkey.com. The following is a list of questions you could ask your church leaders and members as you assess your need for a church app:

1. Do we have a church website? If so, why? And how many of our members use it and how often? What features are most valuable and why? Does our website attract visitors (grow our church) or is it used only for members?

2. Does our church building have good wifi internet or cellular service? In other words, could people use the app while they’re in church (church apps are used often in the church.)

3. Do our members have smart devices? And if so, how often do they use apps on their phone versus go to websites on their phones (I recommend you exclude search engines because you’re trying to measure if a person wants to go to sites they already know (i.e. your church website) via the web or if they prefer an app to connect to things they love).

4. Does social media, email, text, and other methods provide our church with an efficient means of communications throughout the week? It’s important to note that many churches that measure views on social media will notice that less than 10% of their church members actually see their posts. Emails as well are often read by less than 30% of their recipients. Could an app assist in this? Do our members enjoy using apps already for communication?  Would it help to have a safe place to discuss spiritual topics, prayer needs, or other things?
5. Would a church directory on an app that is updated by our members benefit our church? Would members use one on our website (likely requiring a login) just as much?

6. How many people in our church would admit that there are times when they want to give to our church but can not because they do not have cash or check or they were unable to attend?  Does our church believe that Church giving would increase because of a church app or would we receive just as many gifts from other means such as our website, another app such as venmo.com or just at weekend services? Does the growing trend of digital giving over cash and check make this decision inevitable for a church?

7. Does the cost of a church app outweigh it’s value? Be aware that there are very affordable church app companies with great features such as SmartChurch.com. Would these features be available more cheaply through a website and would our members use it often?

8. Would conversations, prayer requests, event RSVP, church directory, videos, pictures, and other features move our church towards our goals (community, biblical understanding, worship, spiritual growth, etc.) or away from them?

About The Author:-

 Getting a church app for your church is a big decision. I hope these questions assist you as you explore the possibilities. http://smartchurch.com/