5 Effective iOS Messaging Apps

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Messaging is one of the some largely used means of communication. It allows you to plan out before you pass a message unlike in phone calls where you can respond with rushed thoughts other than rational ones. Apple’s messaging apps have grown in popularity thanks to their effective way of conveying a message, confidentiality, and ease of use. Besides, it is easy to tell whether your message has reached the respondent or not. Below are top notch messaging apps by iOS and those which encrypt the messages end to end: WhatsApp is the most popular one and tops the list. It can work not just on an iOS device but also with Android and any web browsers. It allows for group communication and even person to person chatting. Once the app is installed on your iPhone, you can begin messaging through it with data bundles or freely over Wi-Fi. The major benefit is that communication is possible across the globe so long as devices have the WhatsApp installed. One can easily send messages, photos, audios, videos and links to friends and family. Facebook messenger is in demand messaging app across all people of different generations. You practically can from closed or open groups or even so initiate individual conversations. Of late it has gaming features that allow you to play games. It is also rich in stickers and gifs. Just like WhatsApp, you can send texts, videos, pictures, and links. Snapchat is yet another smart one quickly taking market dominance. It is closely more like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger only that once the messages or videos are viewed, they tend to disappear. They are basically temporary hence not effective if the kind of conversation you are engaging other party is substantially important. Nonetheless, it is still one of the best messaging apps for iOS. Skype is a multi-faceted messaging app great in features and unbeatable in functionality. The most outstanding feature is in video calling; your recipient on the other end can see you as you engage them in a conversation. This has made the world a global village by breaking the distance. Other than that, Skype allows for the exchange of text messages, videos, and pictures. Microsoft is currently managing this messaging app. Twitter is another messaging app though not originally designed to allow direct messaging. Over, the app people can share videos, pictures, and tweet and re-tweet texts. It is awesome in functionality more so if you do not have contacts of the person you want to send a message. Technological progression has made its use more comfortable. Messaging apps in iOS are great since they allow for passing of information regardless of whether you have the contacts or the other party or not. Not all messaging apps require such information to facilitate chat. The fundamental fact, however, is that they require data bundles to run but can be freely accessed on Wi-Fi. In a world that is radically changing, messaging is becoming the norm and iOS has enabled their devices to be at par. There are many iOS messaging apps but the above top the list.